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Exhibiting Rules


Important Dates
Application Deadline: 10 February, 2019
Registration & Build up: 25 March, 2019  8:30-17:30
26 March, 2019  8:30-21:00
Opening Ceremony: 27 March, 2019  09:00-09:30
Exhibit: 27 March, 2019  09:30-16:30
28 March, 2019  09:00-16:30
29 March, 2019  09:00-14:00
Closure & Dismantling: 29 March,  2019  14:00 

1. Exhibit space cost:

This exhibition will provide International exhibitors with two options - the space with shell scheme or the raw space, and any exhibitor can choose one according to the company’s requirements.  

■ Space with Shell Scheme:
Price: standard CNY 30,000 / 9 sqm; Regular size : 3m×3m. This option includes back & inside walls, carpet, fascia board, one consulting desk, two chairs, two lights and one panel of power points (220V, 5A).
■ Raw space:
Price: CNY 3,200 per sqm. The exhibitors can appoint their own stand contractor or delegate official contractor to customize their stand design. Carpet is not included.

2. Additional Exhibitor Service (not required):

Price: CNY 1,200/person (3 lunch tickets,1 box of bottled water,1 invitation for Welcoming Banquet)  

3. Exhibitor Manual Service:

The organizer shall mail “Exhibitor Manual” (including information concerned with the schedule, hotel, freight forwarding, transportation, stand construction etc.) to exhibitors 80 days before the exhibition inauguration.  

4. Exhibition Catalogue Ad:

It will help you to find target consumers. It will not only be distributed to professional visitors during the exhibition, but also through various channels after the exhibition. The subscribing price list for advertisements in the catalogue are as follows:  

Front Cover CNY 30,000 Inside Front Cover CNY 20,000
Head Page CNY 20,000 Back Cover CNY 25,000
Inside Back Cover CNY 18,000 Colored Inside Page CNY 10,000

5. Show Daily:

It will be produced and printed in Beijing each day of the event, allowing participants to stay up to speed on the latest industry news from the show and from around the globe. Whether you want to alert participants to your booth number, build brand awareness, strengthen your company profile, buy or sell goods and services, or recruit professionals.  

Form of Ad. Publishing Price
Full page US $7,300 per insertion
Half page US $3,650 per insertion
US Junior US $2,628 per insertion
Module 15 US $1,460 per insertion

6.Special Recommended Advertisements and Expenses:
Item Size(cm) Form of Advertisement Publishing Price
Visitor Ticket 21cm×10cm Back Cover Full Pg CNY 50,000/50,000 pcs
Hanging Banner in the South Entrance Hall 6m(w)×5m(h) Cover Full Pg CNY 50,000/single-side

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