The Annual Offshore Engineering Technology & Equipment Event

The 15th Beijing International Offshore Engineering Technology & Equipment Exhibition



March 26-28,2025



◆ Classification Society ◆ Platform communication equipment
◆ Marine equipment research and design ◆ Platform explosion-proof electrical
◆ Offshore oil and gas drilling platform
◆ Platform air conditioning and ventilation◆ Floating production system
◆ Pipes and valves ◆ Platform module◆ Alarm monitoring
◆ Oil and gas storage facility ◆ Instruments and meters◆ Platform supply ship
◆ Life saving and fire fighting◆ Three use a working boat
◆ Underwater wellhead device ◆ Diving support vessel
◆ Platform steel structure construction ◆ Semi submersible vehicle
◆ Platform steel plate and pipe ◆ LNG/LPG/LEG ship ◆ Platform pre processing
◆ Multi function ship ◆ Corrosion protection and coating
◆ Hoisting and laying barge◆ Cutting equipment ◆ Ocean ship
◆ Welding equipment ◆ Salvage vessel◆ Special welding ◆ Dredging ship
◆ Nondestructive testing◆ Offshore wind power equipment installation vessel
◆ Platform and ship cleaning◆ Official ship ◆ Laboratory equipment
◆ Underwater engineering◆ Offshore oil field service
◆ Platform power equipment◆ Platform transport equipment
◆ Platform auxiliary boiler◆ Water treatment technology and equipment
◆ Platform information transmission equipment ◆ The offshore construction
◆ Platform electrical equipment◆ Platform electric control 
◆ Technology and equipment of combustible ice exploration and mining
◆ Technology and equipment for the development of marine renewable energy and chemical resources◆ Flat wire and cable
◆ Port and terminal technology and equipment◆ Platform lift system
◆ Shipping service ◆ Platform mooring system◆ Marine and marine Publishing
◆ Platform lifting equipment ◆ Marine environment and safety
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